The Cyanide Blog

So its that time again for another Cyanide Blog Update. Well here we go! Its the beginning of April as I write this and I’ll be practicing my ass off in preparation of a Goth and Industrial Show Case I’ve but together with the help of Tripsquad Events. Its set for Sunday April 28th. 5 bands are featured. Night Gallery, Brittany Bordella, Dark Reverence, The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project and Waking Dream. Vendors are welcome for this event. You can contact me for info on how to set it up. I’ll have my own vendor table as well for my Cyanide Hats and Chris Cyanide merch.

May 11th. The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project has been added to the lineup of Jersey Springfest 2019 featuring Generation Kill. I’ll be joined by my Cataclysm Records label mates Agents Of Aggresion. I’ll have more info on this event soon!

So now about June. Whats confirmed at the moment is June 7th at Club Revolution put together by Rag Rock Promotions. I’ll be playing with Two Ton Turn Table which is a band featuring Dave Alvin former vocalist of White Trash. I’ll be joined by DJ Apophis Rex, Shannon Fatale and Squirr Johnson fire performer who will be doing his 1st show with me. You can contact me for tickets anytime. I also have June 30th at Otto’s Shrunken Head and I’ll be joined again by DJ Apophis Rex and Shannon Fatale. The idea is to get some more live footage for Youtube and promoting purposes. You can never have enough stuff for social media. I have a 3rd show set for June and I’m just waiting on some details before I announce it. Once I do, I’ll update this blog accordingly.

Confirmed for September 7th is Goth Night at Lucky 13 in Brooklyn. Waking Dream, Dark Reverence,  Citoletiom,  Darkmoon Spirit and The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project will be performing. Set times will be announced soon.

On to The Cyanide Project. Originally the idea was to do some covers and possibly some originals with a full band. Things fell through with the lineup we were playing with. Barb Chiavelli ( vocalist) and I did find a new guitar player as well as a drummer but decided  to keep it separate from the Cyanide Project and call it something else. We’re still going to do The Cyanide Project but keep it just me and Barb and do some industrial metal originals. I’ll keep you all updated as things progress with that. There are actually some surprises that I don’t want to give away just yet.

Well thats it for now. I’m hoping for a successful Summer and of course I’ll keep you all updated as things change and progress.                            —Cyanide Out.


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