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New Blog update time!

Just coming off what may be my last show of the summer. I got to open for Dave Ellefson and share the stage with friends Voodoo Terror Tribe once again. I did get to briefly meet Dave Ellefson. Seemed like a cool guy but was very busy sound checking and jamming on a new song for their set but I did get a quick “Hello”.  The only thing  (and its a small thing) is that I need to do more gigs with bands I fit a little better with. I don’t mind taking the occasional pay to play gig to be included on some cool events with local and national acts but I think its for the best to stick with  more goth and industrial situations to be  completely appreciated and not throw anyone too far off. What I do might be a little too outside of the box especially to purists that already know everything.

With all that said, I have nothing booked until September and after. I decided not to really push  booking  anything at all for the month of August so I can focus on writing some new material for the eventual follow up to my 1st album Bassic Evil. Things have become a little complicated due to my work schedule and I’m working 7 days a week. I actually had to put doing the cover band on the backburner for now while I concentrate on The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project which is my #1 priority. The upside is that I’m doing much better financially working the extra days which means I can get bills paid and have a little more freedom to get things done musically. If you’re gonna do anything with music in 2019, its like you have to be able to afford it. I’m a little tired but can’t really complain. 

Next I’d like to say THANK YOU to DJ Apophis Rex and Shannon Fatale who’ve been helping me out with the live shows when they can make them. Also have to give a quick shout out to Mark Oniell who shot video at Otto’s Shrunken Head last month and actually pulled off editing together something decent with the dark grainy footage we shot.  If you’re reading this and you get a chance, go check out the new video for PsychVamp on my Youtube channel.

Well I think thats it for now. I’ll be back in September with a few show announcements I have confirmed and hopefully some results from the writing and recording I have planned out. If you’ve read up to this point then thank you for taking an interest in what I do and any support shown. Its greatly appreciated by this solo industrial bass player just trying to keep things in the realm of FUN! Enjoy the rest of the summer.   —Cyanide out! 

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