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Hi everyone! welcome back to my Cyanide Blog. I’m here to update all the info for whats going on for the month of July. I’ve got a few cool things to talk about. Lets get started.

The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project:  Slowly but surely the show bookings are happening again. This Saturday June 10th we’ll be doing a special private event at The Wadio Amphitheater in Bayshore NY among some good friends and fellow bands. I’ll be sharing the stage with Graces Of Chaos and Blockhead. I’m sure that there are a few other bands I most likely know of involved but because of the non traditional type of show this, its not posted out there like that. I do know that I’ll be going on around 9 or 10pm. I’ll also be joined by Shannon Fatale with her epic dancing! Its also NOT just dancing. Its an important and mesmerizing part of the act. Matt will be manning the DJ  mixer and Barb Chiavelli will be handling vocal duties on the cover song portion of our set. Its become not so much a solo act wouldn’t you agree. More on that next blog in August. Anyone wanting to attend can contact me privately through social media. If you know me like THAT, give me a call!

Marcazo Band: I’ll be on stage with The Marcazo Band in full Chris Cyanide Character ( Thats what they asked for ) July 31st for The Evil Expo at King Of Prussia in PA. We’re doing a great mix of covers and original. We’ll be rehearsing tomorrow  in Lodi NJ and I’ll actually be running through the stuff tonight while I watch Monday Night Raw in preparation! LOL

Epsilon Eridani:  We’ve been working hard refining and perfecting the songs. This may be the most difficult stuff for me to learn but I’m having a blast with this band and it been nothing but a pleasure to work with musicians that humble you with sheer talent unmatched! Pre- production for our debut release will be be in the next coming week. I’m trying to be prepared as much as possible. Stay tuned for updates!

Cover Band:  We have yet to name this band but it so going to kick ass! as soon as we have a nice 8 or 10 son set,  ( We only have about 6 at the moment) we’ll be looking to gig out a bit and have some fun. Its mostly Classic rock and metal cover songs. Sabbath, Dio, Deep Purple, Judas Priest and you get the idea.

Thats all for now. There are many other things in the works even as I write this and my phone is buzzing, pinging and making all sorts of sounds right now! for further updates on things coming in the later months, follow my social media platforms. Of course , THANK YOU for the continued support. Hit up the shop section for Chris Cyanide merch and music. All your purchases help me push things further. Have a great month and seeya back here in August!              —Cyanide out



Published by chriscyanide

Chris Cyanide is the heavy metal, shockrock, cyberpunk bass playing monster from New York. Playing the scene many years with top notch bands and musicians he now brings to you something new. The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project. Heavy bass riffs with an instrumental industrial background shows that bass only by itself is not to be underestimated.

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