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Greeting friends and fans of what I do. If you’re here reading this then know that I do appreciate the time you take to be here to do so. More and more I realize that despite all the problems and things that musicians go through today in 2019, its actually a privilege to be here and continue to do what we love as artists. It takes time, financial resource and inspiration and most importantly well being to do this and sometimes these things don’t always work out in one’s favor. So again I say its a privilege to continue this musical journey and write to you about my feelings and  updates on whats going on in the world of Chris Cyanide.

Up next for me is another show at Otto’s Shrunken Head Sunday Feb. 24th at 7pm. I do really enjoy performing there as I always get some good pics and videos from my performances not to mention hanging out and talking to Frank Wood. I decided why not get some video footage and get going on a second music video for The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project. I still have 7 more songs off my album “Bassic Evil” to choose from and what better promotion is there in our digital glued to social media age? Videos are more important today now more then ever. My friends Mark and Roland who helped me in  my 1st. video with 8 String Bee Sting will be helping me out again and I’ll have Shannon Fatale spicing things up with her dancing. I’m very excited for this shoot as more and more plans unfold.

March 2nd, I’ll be returning to Gussy’s Bar for an industrial themed show with some great bands. Once I saw the lineup I knew this would be a great fit for The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project and didn’t mind the early 8pm slot. So YES if you’re going to this show, Make sure you get there EARLY to catch me in action. Shannon Fatale will also be joining me for this one too.

During the last weekend of March from the 29th. to the 31st. I’ll be spending the weekend at Dark Side Of The Con 3 in Parsippany NJ. I’m there as a vendor to promote my Cyanide Hats, Bassic Evil Cds and my Chris Cyanide T shirts. I won’t be performing my music but there will be something like 27 bands playing and look forward to checking them out. To be honest its nice to take a little break and just be a spectator once in a while and watch the other bands perform.

Sunday April 28th, I’ve joined forces the Tim McMurtrie and Tripsquad events to put on a Goth and Industrial Showcase. This will be held at The American Legion in Elmwood NJ. A portion of sales at the door will be going to Veterans so not only will we be putting on a great show but also supporting a good cause. Things are still in the works for this show but I do have some details posted up about it in the upcoming shows section here on my website.

Next I’d like to talk about The Cyanide Project. Its been a VERY bumpy road from the start with setback after setback. Unfortunately  we had to part ways with our drummer and still have no guitar player. In a strange twist of events The vocalist Barbara Chiavelli helped me out with a show I put on with The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project. Although I’m an instrumental act with no vocals, I had to figure out how I was going to play for at least 2 hours with only 9 songs. I decided to do a set of cover songs with Barbara as a special guest singer. I downloaded backing tracks of Sabbath, Judas Priest, Rainbow and other stuff without the vocals and bass tracks and Barbara and I filled it in. IT ACTUALLY WORKED!!! For now, this is how we’re going to do the Cyanide Project and go out and perform until we have a full lineup. Its a great way to still get out there and practice the  songs for now.

Well thats about all I got for the time being and I think its enough for now anyway. Stay tuned for more updates as things always progress and change!     —Cyanide out.




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