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Hi everyone! Its time for my monthly Cyanide Blog update for the month of February! My new album “Don’t Look In The Bassment” has finally been released. I’m sorry it took 2 years to get it out but its here! You can purchase it in CD format from the shop section here on my official website or you can inbox me personally on social media. Its also available for download on Amazon Music and Itunes. Don’t forget that my first album “Bassic Evil” is also still available as well. I’d like to give a quick THANK YOU to everyone thats picked up a copy so far. I hope you’re enjoying my crazy music!

Merch: I have brand new t shirts available in 2 different styles. I have the black shirt with green print of the current Chris Cyanide face and logo as well as the white shirt with the black print  in the same style. You can check them out and purchase them here on the website or contact me personally. Again, thank you to everyone that bought them so far. I have actually been asked if I’m doing face masks. I’m still apprehensive about making and selling them but could possibly change my mind. In other words, I’ll look in to it and get back to you on that one. I still have plenty of Cyanide Hats for sale in several different styles, My main ones are the cowboy and top hats in my usual gothic skulls and spikes fashion just like I wear during my performances. You might ask why I don’t do something more complex or sophisticated? Well I like to keep my hats simple and AFFORDABLE! I could easily start throwing on all kinds of steampunk goggles, feathers and things to the hats but then I would have to jack up the prices. I feel I do better with selling 20 simple hats at $15 a pop then trying to sell 1 hat at  $100.  Right now I’m smack in the middle of making a limited run of a different style of Cyanide Cowboy Hats. Its just taking a little longer to find/get my parts due to shipping issues with Covid and all.  I’ll keep you all updated with the hats as things progress.

Its become increasingly hard to push my music and merch without being able to play shows. I’d say almost 75% of my sales made were at gigs. I’d play my set, set up a table and whoever liked what I was doing would picked up a cd or a tshirt and sometimes even both. NOW I have to rely on support from social media only. This is why I do so many live stream shows. I’m probably going to have to do few Facebook live things just to talk about the merch. I REALLY hate just talking in front of the camera and not performing anything musically but it looks like I’ll just have get over it! So yeah, I guess look out for those things coming up quite soon.

Shows: Its crazy! This month last year, I played my LAST LIVE show at an actual venue. It was at Dingbatz in NJ with a band called September Mourning.  Since then I have been doing live stream shows only. Some of my first ones were absolutely terrible. Bad video and sound quality BUT I learned how to get them pretty decent. My last one which was for my album release was actually quite successful! Big shout out to Matt and Shannon Fatale for making it extra special!  I don’t have a date set yet for the next live stream show but I decided to give this month a break. I may do something with a few covers songs with friends but as for The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project, I’m going to shoot for late March early April. Whenever I do a live stream show, I try and do something to make it bigger and better then the last. I want to wait until the weather is warmer and try something outside again with better lighting and cooler backgrounds and props. I’ll keep you all updated as things progress with that.

New Music: Right now with both my albums I have 16 original songs not to mention about 25 cover songs. I’m good on material to perform for any kind of event. I don’t need to write more things BUT as a creative person its inevitable. I’m in very early stages of writing some really cool stuff. The plan right now is to release a 4 song EP using 8 string bass only. It seems I don’t write enough songs on 8 string bass so I’m going to fix that. Like I said, its in very early stages so I don’t have a release date as of yet but I’ve always done what I’ve said I was going to do! I’m going to try and keep it 4 songs but that could change. We shall see. 

Thank you all for reading and for the continued support! Marching Foward!!!

 —Cyanide out




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Chris Cyanide is the heavy metal, shockrock, cyberpunk bass playing monster from New York. Playing the scene many years with top notch bands and musicians he now brings to you something new. The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project. Heavy bass riffs with an instrumental industrial background shows that bass only by itself is not to be underestimated.

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