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Its the holiday season and I’m updating my blog from between now, through December to the end of the year. Coming up Friday November 23rd. (Black Friday) I’ll be returning to New Jersey and performing The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project at Dingbatz. Its my 1st time since 2011 playing that particular venue with any band. Its being hosted by DAA Entertainment and TMRN (The Musician’s Rock Network). Its kind of last minute but I’m trying to take as many gigs as possible to promote my album “Bassic Evil” that was released on October 5th. through Cataclysm Records. Doors open at 7pm

Next will be Ragfest 4 at Club Revolution Sunday November 25th. This is a VERY SPECIAL AND IMPORTANT event. Its a fundraiser for Jason Raghubir’s Wife Fran who was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. We are trying to get as many people possible out to this show to support Jason and Fran in their time of need. They are well known throughout the entertainment scene and very much loved by everyone and I predict a great turnout. If you can’t make it out to the show, they have set up a Go Fund me campaign where you can donate. I have the link posted here below.

Next is Jesse Omega’s Birthday Metalfest/LIDM Winter Warfest on Saturday December 1st. At The Omega House out in Long Island. I played this crazy event last year and I KNOW this one will be just as insane! I’ll be performing with Aids Canon, Hierarchy and Show No Mercy Slayer Tribute. Expect TONS of pics from this show!

Finally this will be my last show of the year. December 30th. I’ll be back at my favorite place to play.  At Otto’s Shrunken Head I’ll be closing out 2018 with my full set. Here is a little spoiler. I’m already starting to book some surprises for 2019 but I’ll get to that info in January.

More specific details on all events can be found under Upcoming Shows on this website.

Lastly I’d like to talk about my full band The Cyanide Project. Its been slow going but we went into the studio earlier this month and successfully recorded our KILLER rendition of Starstruck by Rainbow. Its currently being mixed and mastered and as soon as its done, we’ll be shooting a music video for it. This January our drummer will be going in for surgery  for torn rotator cuff but we should be back in action by Spring. 

Well thats it for now. I have to say that 2018 has been one hell of a year as far as my musical journey is concerened. Much more then I thought possible was accomplished. Not sure 2019 can top it but you just never know. We’ll just have to see!!! 😉           …Cyanide out





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