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Hi everyone. I’m back here with a new Cyanide Blog. I had to come in and update some info as a few things have changed.  Basically I had 1 show cancelled and 3 pop up in its place so lets get up to speed now.

1st off I’ve combined both The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project AND The Cyanide Project into 1 band. I figured that with the help of Shannon Fatale, DJ Apophis Rex and NOW Barbara Chiavelli, its no longer really a solo project anymore. . I also want to mention that Barbara played her 1st show ever with us and it went very well. She is an amazing singer and a great addition to the Cyanide crew.

So on to the shows. Up next we’re in NYC at Otto’s Shrunken Head October 20th getting into the Halloween spirit. For this show we’ll be doing a short mix of original tunes as well as a few cover songs. Of course we’ll be filming and getting a ton of pics at this show. We seem to always get our best stuff at Otto’s

Up next is our Halloween show on October 31st. at Harp & Bard in Clifton NJ. We’ll be playing with Marc Rizzo of Soulfly who will be doing an acoustic set. Unfortunately Halloween falls on a weeknight this year and DJ Apophis Rex will not make the show so I will be manning the DJ mixer at this one. Barb Chiavelli and Shannon Fatale WILL make it so we’ll still have some killer vocals and killer dance moves for this set. I figure we’ll mix it up again with the originals and covers.

Next Show is another Halloween show November 2nd in my hometown of New Rochelle. The full Cyanide Crew will be there performing the entire Bassic Evil album, 3 new songs with Barbara on vocals and 14 cover songs. We pulled this off at Dudley’s last February and it went well. We’re doing it again but BETTER now.

Next show is November 30th at Dingbatz in Clifton NJ. We’ll be playing with Genitorturers from Florida. We’re only doing originals for this show to stay in the goth and industrial theme. I think the Cyanide Project is a great match for this type of show and we’re all looking forward to it.

So now we’ll be right smack in the middle of the holiday season. Things tend to slow down a little and at the moment, nothing is booked for December. That could change (usually does) BUT I can tell you that I’ve confirmed my first show  of 2020 on January 18th. I’ll be back at Revolution in Amityville NY playing with Blood Feast. Also opening are Jackpipe, Graces Of Chaos and Death Merchant. This is a GREAT lineup put together by Rag Rock Promotions. Its so good, I’ve already been passive aggressively challenged to a fight over it! LMAO!!! But seriously, I’m very much looking forward to this show!

Well thats all I got for now. I’ll be busy in the coming weeks working on new material and cover songs. Stay tuned for pics and video on all the progress as I like to keep you all updated on things. Again, thank you all for reading and for all your support. I take a lot of heat and criticism for what I do and the way I do it so any support I get is VERY much appreciated. Love you all!!!      —Cyanide out.


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