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Hi everyone. Even though I feel like it wasn’t that long ago I updated my blog here, I felt it was time to come in and get things up to speed on whats been going on in the Chris Cyanide world.  I’ve been VERY busy as of late working on my new album. If you’ve been keeping up with me on my social media platforms, as promised I’ve been posting pics and videos of some of the progress from The Upper Room Studio. I’ve chosen that particular studio because I know everyone there, the engineer (Glenn) knows his stuff and Its a block away from where I live. I literally walk there from home. Can’t get more convenient then that. What I can tell you so far about the songs is that in some ways it will be a bit like my first album Bassic Evil and in a lot of ways it will also be different. I’m using my natural sound from my own gear this time around and a little less of the Pro Tools plug ins that were slapped on the first time I recorded. Also I think I have a better Idea as to what The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project is. I think a lot of people get the wrong idea and expect some sort of jazzy Youtube guy stuff. Thats not at all what I’m about. Yes my bass is the main focus and I can get a little flashy if I so choose but I want to create more of a heavy and doomy mood. Thats just where I’m at now at this point in time. Right now I’ve completed 6 songs and I’ll be back in the studio to finish up the final 2 then on to all the mixing and mastering in a few days. That will be a total of 8 songs for the new album but I’m thinking of releasing a single for a 1 time free download special on Halloween. 

Ok lets talk about shows now or rather a lack of shows. NY has put some crazy restrictions on bars and restaurants. This has REALLY hurt the club scene here and some really great venues are starting to shut down.  I don’t know when or if things will get back to normal. I feel horrible for business owners and people who made these places their livelihoods.   I know even a lot of the big touring bands are hurting. I can go on and on and tell you all stuff your already know but what does that mean for all us local bands and smaller acts that were struggling to begin with in an already screwed up landscape.  I know all I can personally do is what I’ve always been doing. Doing my best to make my OWN WAY.  Who would have thought I could take an instrumental/Industrial bass solo act with virtually no backing band and share the stage with the best of local and national acts. I’ve been right up there with everyone from playing small dive bars to doing the pay to play thing. I got signed and released my debut album which was something I’d never done before in all the bands I had previously been in. I guess all I can do is try and keep myself as relevant as possible and keep pushing my craft as best I can. How you ask?

VIDEO and LIVE STREAMING: I’ve jumped on the live streaming shows bandwagon. Its  not a bad bandwagon to be on. I’m actually having a lot of fun doing this. I’ve already done quite a few of them and will continue to do so. NOW I have seen that Facebook will be changing some policies effective October 1st. It seems they don’t want people live streaming a musical experience on their product. Not sure how accurate that is but I’ve seen a few people in an uproar about it and understandably so. If Facebook wants to make itself useless for me then so  be it. I’ll be forced to lean on my Youtube channel which I can also live stream on as well. I’ll also be using this official website more as well so be on the look out for some MAJOR changes coming on here. I’ve kept this website very basic but its time I tweak it out here a bit make things a little more interesting for you all. Also if things really go south with Facebook, I ask that if you care to continue to keep up with what I’m doing then please subscribe to my Youtube channel.

Last thing I want to talk about is the Chris Cyanide image. I’ve done face paint, masks, gothic cowboy look, Victorian steam punk look and so forth. I’ve always been evolving and always love trying out different things. The way I  figure it now is that I have a new album in the works and I want to slightly re-package myself again. I’m going with a little of everything I’ve been. I had a friend in Russia custom make me a special mask and I’ll be sporting the contact lenses again. I don’t want to give away too much but you’ll see some of it on September 19th. that is the date for my next live stream show. I’ll have Shannon Fatale back in action with me and I’ll be playing some of the new songs that will be featured on the new album. It will be kicking off at 8pm and could possibly be the LAST live stream event on Facebook.  Hope to see you tuned in. Thanks for taking the time to read all this and thank you all for the continued support.     —Cyanide out



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Chris Cyanide is the heavy metal, shockrock, cyberpunk bass playing monster from New York. Playing the scene many years with top notch bands and musicians he now brings to you something new. The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project. Heavy bass riffs with an instrumental industrial background shows that bass only by itself is not to be underestimated.

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