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I’m back for a new Cyanide Blog and update. Not really much has changed. There are still currently no shows really going on here in NY unless someone is sneaking a private event and even so, I can’t imagine the turn out being entirely worth it right now. I don’t want to be completely negative on the situation but it just doesn’t  look good at all. I actually hope I’m dead wrong about things though.

Anyway lets get on to some positive stuff now. My new album yet to be titled is completely written and I’ve even incorporated most of the songs into my live set. I’ll be in the studio shortly to record it. I do have the means to record it all myself but decided against it due to personal experience of never being happy with the results of mixing and mastering myself. It just won’t ever get done. I’ll be posting some updates while I’m at the studio so keep an eye on  my social media platforms. This should be fun!

Merch: So I almost pulled the trigger on new Chris Cyanide T shirts and face masks. I had to stop myself because at this time for me, it doesn’t seem cost effective. I’ve always sold 90% of my merch while out gigging and at this time, I can’t run the risk of being stuck with items that are not really selling. Times are a bit tough for a lot of people and band merch just may not be a priority at the moment. Right now my finances will be going into the recording and releasing of my new album. I can always touch on new merch after the album is out. I think that will be a much better plan as things could look better later on in the hopefully near future. In the meantime I still have physical copies on cd of my debut album “Bassic Evil” along with plenty of my Cyanide Hats for sale. There are even some of my old Chris Cyanide t shirts left though quantities are limited. Everything is available in the shop section on this website. REMEMBER, you can also download “Bassic Evil” digitally on all major platforms such as Amazon, Itunes and Spotify.

Shows: At the moment live streaming is what I’ve been up to. So far I’ve done a handful of live streaming events but my sound quality and video quality left very much to be desired. I’ve watched some of my fellow musicians put out some good quality live stream shows and asked some of them for a little advise and also did some of my own research on how to better my own performances. I’ve invested in a lot of new gear regarding new laptops, OBS Live Streaming Software (Its a free download), mixers, interfaces and USB lives streaming cameras. I’ve been honing my skills on sound levels of backing track music and my bass playing. I’ve even been watching tutorials on Youtube on different way of getting good live streaming results. I’ve learned so much and I feel that my next streaming event will be worlds away from what anyone has seen from me previously.  My next performance will be in 2 days this Saturday and I can’t wait to show you all the results though I’m actually still learning. I have a pretty cool live stream event in the works on August 29th. I think by then it should be safe to work with some of my Cyanide Crew and Barb, Chiavelli will be joining me for a little Dio tribute. She’ll be singing some Dio classics for this show only. The next one will be for Judas Priest and well… you get the idea. We’re going to try and keep this going as long as we can until we can eventually play real shows again. For now live streaming will be the main focus and whatever video content we can come up with. I might as well tell you now that I have an idea for an outdoor event in my back yard featuring the entire Cyanide Crew. If I can get my wifi to work outside, be on the look out for some crazy video around September. Fingers crossed!!!

Thats all I got for now. I actually think its quite a bit all things considered.  As usual watch my social media platforms for all the latest updates. Stay safe and I’ll seeya on the interwebz!!!   —Cyanide out
















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Chris Cyanide is the heavy metal, shockrock, cyberpunk bass playing monster from New York. Playing the scene many years with top notch bands and musicians he now brings to you something new. The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project. Heavy bass riffs with an instrumental industrial background shows that bass only by itself is not to be underestimated.

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