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Greetings everyone!!!

Well it is that time of year again! My FAVORITE time of year. OCTOBER!!! This is when I try to step it up a bit and do some cool things within and even outside my music. First let me get you all up to speed on things. I’ve been VERY busy at The Upper Room Studio mixing all the new songs for the new album. There are a total of 8 songs and I even have a working album name which I’ll let you know about at a later time. Things are starting to fall in place and I’m looking at a release date in early 2021, Now that doesn’t  mean I won’t release any new music until then. I plan on releasing a single on October 31st (HALLOWEEN) as a FREE download to celebrate the holiday and say THANK YOU to all who took an interest and supported this wacky endeavor I’ve chosen to undertake.  I’ll be releasing it from my Reverbnation page with a download link that I’ll be posting around during the course of the day.

The Chris Cyanide Image:

You probably have already noticed that I’ve been rockin a new mask and Cyanide Hat. Not that I have anything against all the different masks I’ve accumulated and been using for the past 2 years, I needed to start doing something a little more original. I had a friend in Russia (Ivan) from Greenmadeekb custom make a mask for me. Its got this mutant skull post apocalyptic look happening that kind of reminds me of something from Voivod (my favorite band). Also I had to make a new Cyanide Hat. The mask is a little bit bigger then what I’m used to so I had to make a bigger and sturdier hat. It all worked out rather well and I’m happy with the results. I also started sporting conact lenses again. I just tried out a pair that are radiation symbols. It looks absolutely killer! Just go to my social media platforms and check out all the recent pics and videos and see for yourself.  I’m going for a radioactive mutant cowboy from the future.


Right now I’m just doing the live streaming thing. Its safe and I can still promote it like a show. The next one will be Halloween night at 8pm. I’ll be performing some classic metal covers with special guest vocalist. So far I have Barbara Chiavelli and Mark Oniell. I’m also trying to get some of the Cyanide Crew there as well. We’ll be streaming from Cyanide Studio # 1 as I feel it might be too cold to stream outside. Things are in very early stages but I can promise you it will be a fun event. I imagine a lot of people will be live streaming so we’ll also be recording it and I may break it up into a few different videos that I can post to Youtube and you can watch at anytime. As far as an actual event at a real venue there is something in the works but I don’t have details just yet other then it is 100% happening.  I’ll fill you all in as soon as I can.

Things are moving along nicely and surpringly better then I would think during a pandemic. As always thank you all for reading my blogs and for the continued support. I realized from the very beginning that my music wasn’t going to be for everyone, hard to market and criticized to the fullest YET somehow I’m still here 3 years later playing gigs with everyone and even gaining fans and friends. AMAZING!!! Thank you all again      — Cyanide out




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Chris Cyanide is the heavy metal, shockrock, cyberpunk bass playing monster from New York. Playing the scene many years with top notch bands and musicians he now brings to you something new. The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project. Heavy bass riffs with an instrumental industrial background shows that bass only by itself is not to be underestimated.

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