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Hi everyone! I figured I’d drop in and give another Cyanide Blog Update! I’m currently in the process of moving the Cyanide Studio out of the garage and into the house. It shouldn’t take too long but sometimes I procrastinate just a little. Working 7 days a week isn’t always easy and I can be a bit shot when  get home. Doesn’t mean I’m not jamming out, practicing and even coming up with some new things. Speaking of new things, I’d say a new album is a little more then half way written! Working on song # 5 at the moment and looking to do about 8 in total. Once I’m there, it will be time for the recording, mixing and mastering. I’ll have more info as things develop with that. This time around, I don’t want to rush it out there. Last time, I was facing all kinds of deadlines with things and though I’m proud of what was accomplished with “Bassic Evil” I can’t help but wonder what would have been If I had the time to work on it more. So now on to some show info!

Up next is a special Valentines Day show on February 14th. The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project will be at Dingbatz in Clifton NJ playing with September Mourning.  Barb Chiavelli will be joining me on vocals for this show. Spoiler Alert: You can expect a Rob Zombie cover thrown in during our set. Special discounted tickets are available from me at $10.00. Normal price is $13.00 and $15.00 at the door so AGAIN, here is you chance to save a little cash.

Ticket link here:

March 21st. The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project returns to LP n’ Harmony in Brooklyn NY. This is another Frank Wood Presents show and this time we’re playing along with a band called Run Dogs! They are Braveheart themed punk band that will be on tour from Barcelona Spain! This show is gonna kick ass! I’ll be joined with DJ Apophis Rex and Shannon Fatale for this one. Its a free show, no cover charge and the weather should be warming up a bit by then so get over there!

Now we jump ahead to May 30th. I’ll be back at Revolution Bar and Music Hall in Amityville NY. This time I’ll be playing with Chief Big Way featuring Joey Belladonna vocalist of Anthrax! I actually was asked to perform with him last time he was in the area and had to decline due to being contacted about it too last minute a few months ago. I’m happy to be included this time around and can’t wait to perform! The ticket link is posted below and of course I’m doing a special $10.00 deal each. Hit the link, follow the instruction (Its easy) and be sure to leave your name and which show you are purchasing tickets for so I can have them ready for you at the door the day of the show.

Ticket link:

Thats it for now although  more shows and other Chris Cyanide related activity are in the works and I’ll come in here and update things accordingly. Stay in touch with my all my social media platforms for the latest updates and before I forget , I want to give a big shout out to Shannon Fatale, DJ Apohis Rex, Barb Chiavelli, Amaris The Fire Vixen, Matt Hopper for all the help! Also a special shout out to Dee Stepe for taking great pics! Also want to give a quick thanks to  everyone who has joined my Facebook groups Chris Cyanide Bass Player and DJ Cyanide’s Hell On Earth. It seems that those groups are where most of my social media traffic and activity takes place so once again thank you everyone for your help and support!                                     


                                                                                                            —Cyanide Out









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