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Hi everyone! I’m back to update my Cyanide Blog for the month of May.  So whats going on for Chris Cyanide right now? Well read and find out!

MUSIC:  EPSILON ERIDANI!!! As you know, I’ve taken up permanent bass duties for Epsilon Eridani with friends Mike Mariani on vocals, Scott Bennett on guitars and A.J. Spinelli on drums. This is a progressive metal project and I’ll admit that it was a little slow going for me as most of the songs have already been written and I  was coming in, learning and putting myself into the mix. I’m starting to get the hang of it now and rehearsals have been phenomenal! I’m very excited to see where it goes and release the album when its ready. For now, please give the Epsilon Eridani Facebook page a like and watch for updates.

I think now its safe to announce that I’ll be helping out my friend Rob Marcazo with The Marcazo band for 2 select shows. 1 on July 31st and another for a Halloween event in October. Its been requested that I perform these shows AS Chris Cyanide in my full Cyanide stage gear! We’ll be doing a mix of orignals and covers and they should be some pretty kickass shows! Watch here and on my social media platforms for more updates on these 2 events.

I’ve been having a blast jamming on classic rock and metal cover songs with friends Barbara Chiavelli on vocals, Scott Bennett on guitars and Jon Seymour on drums.  We’ve just been having fun learning songs, hanging out goofing on each other while eating pizza. The idea was to do a live stream show which will still happen but we’re hoping to do some real performances if and when some clubs open back up. We’ll see what happens. I’ll keep you all updated with this.

The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project: As of now I have put out 2 albums and have 16 songs + tons of covers songs to choose from to perform live. I really don’t need to write anything new but when you’re creative and inspired, you just can’t help yourself! I’ve decided to work on a 4 song EP with songs using all 8 string bass. I’ve got some really great riffs to work with and I’m currently working on the industrial backing tracks. I’ll most likely be heading into the studio to record everything this Fall and release it later this year. I’ll have more updates soon.


SHOWS:  I finally played my first show in well over a year last month with The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project. We played at Dingbatz in Clifton New Jersey and I was joined on stage with dancer Shannon Fatale. We shared the bill with friends Dark Reverence and The Wedding Funeral. I must say it was AWESOME being back on stage. Our set was strong and the audience was very receptive to our performance. I can say that this was a show where I really fed off of the energy of crowd the most ever. The only unfortunate thing is that I knew well that this show was a one off and with the way things are right now with Covid restrictions and clubs closing down I really cant tell you when the next show will be. I hear that NYC will be back up to 100% capacity by July 1st. so we’ll see where things go. I know that an ocean of bands and performers are chomping on the bit to get back out there and I’ll just have to wait and see when and where I can squeeze myself in anywhere. Right now I’m just doing what I’ve always been doing and making my own things happen so the next performance from The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo project will be another live stream event. I always try and change things up for each time I do one of these so now I want to try and do it outdoors in my backyard BBQ and all with a few friends just to have some type of audience. I have some cool stage props and ideas I want to add to the mix just to make it visually cooler. We’ve set the date for 6pm May 30th. and I’ll be joined Shannon Fatale dancing and my friend Matt on the DJ mixer. Hopefully it doesn’t rain in which case I’ll have to move it indoors but I’m at the mercy of the weather so it is what it is.

MERCH: There is plenty of cool stuff available here in the shop section of the this website. I have both my albums “Bassic Evil” and “Don’t Look In The Bassement” available on CD format. There are Paypal links to purchase them. You can also digitally download them if you so choose. There are links for Itunes and Amazon Music. The new Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project facemasks are available as well as t shirts. Also I’m in the middle of making tons of new style as well as the old style Cyanide Hats in preparation for The Unconvention happening in November. Its a long way off from now but the hats are available NOW if you want them. I only display 2 styles in the shop section here but you can check out Cyanide Hats on Facebook for all the new and different style hats. Don’t worry, they are affordable. I keep them simple and fun and don’t charge you like $40 to $100 for some overly decorated mess.

That’s about it for now. I’m pretty sure I may have forgotten a few things but keep up with my social media for any new updates and stay safe.     — Cyanide out 




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Hi everyone! I’m back to update my Cyanide Blog for the month of April. I know I’m a few days late here. Sorry about that. I got a bit side tracked. Its life. Lets get to it then.

MUSIC: I’m deep into the process of learning 11 songs with the band Epsilon Eridani. the band members are Mike Mariani on vocals, Scotty The Body on guitars and A.J. Spinelli on drums. They are all some of the most talented people I’ve had the pleasure of working with and so far its going great. Its been an exciting challenge but I’m up for it! Keep up with my social media and give a like to the Epsilon Eridani Facebook page for updates on all the progress. I’ve also been busy with doing cover material with Barbara Chiavelli on vocals, Scotty The Body on guitars and Jon Seymour on drums. We’re doing all different classic rock and metal material. We have yet to name the band but its coming along very nicely and we can’t wait to get out and play some shows. The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project is still going as strong as ever. I’m working on my next release which will be a 4 song EP of my usual Industrial Metal style but I’ve decided to use only 8 string bass on all the songs. I currently have 2 songs written and I’m  just getting some riffs down for the 3rd and 4th. as soon as thats done, I can start with the industrial backing tracks. Usually what happens there is that the songs evolve even further and new ideas spring up. I want to try and keep it to 4 sings but you never know what can happen.

SHOWS: As of now, I have 1 confirmed show for The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project. We’ll be at Dingbatz in New Jersey April 17th. I’ll be sharing the stage with friends Dark Reverence and for the first time The Wedding Funeral. The details are that its a seated event at 50% capacity with masks required. Hey its a start! Its also kind of cool that the last show I played before Covid 19 was also at Dingbatz so its fitting that first show back will be at the same venue. Also can’t forget to mention that Shannon Fatale will be joining me with her awesome dancing during my set. Other then thhat show I have another live stream event in the works for May 30th. The weather should be a lot nicer by then and if it doesn’t rain, it will be an outdoor show in my back yard. I have a lot of cool props and things I want to try out and will be joined by Shannon Fatale dancing and Matt on the DJ mixer. I’ll be sure to get lots of video during this one and even may havve a few friends over for some BBQ too. We’ll see.

MERCH: As I’ve mentioned many times before I’ve been hesitant on doing face masks.  I was hoping things would change and there would be little to no need for them but it seems that won’t be happening. Sooo.. I’ve pulled the trigger and The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project masks should be arriving within a couple of days. They will be black with my green logo and $12 each. That price includes shipping in the USA only. I’ll have them here in the shop section and pics up as soon as they arrive. My t shirts and Cyanide Hats are also still available as well as both my albums “Bassic Evil” and “Don’t Look In The Bassment” in CD or digital formats also in the shop  section. All your support helps me to continue doing what I do and us much appreciated. 

That’s about it for now. Keep up with my social media for any new updates and stay safe.     — Cyanide out