The Cyanide Blog

Happy New Year everyone. Its January 1st. 2021 and I’m here to do my usual monthly Cyanide Blog Update. Obviously things didn’t go as expected for last year for pretty much anyone but I made the most of it despite the bumps and even ditches in the road. The end result is my brand new album “Don’t Look In The Bassment” coming out 1/22/21. Why did I pick that date you might ask? That is a very special day for Chris Cyanide. Its his BIRTHDAY! In my experience as I’ve gotten older, birthdays just seem to mean less so I’ve figured out how to at least make this coming one a little more  memorable. As I’ve mentioned a few times before, I will be self releasing the new album which means no additional help from a label and most likely no digital downloads from Amazon or I tunes at this time. I’ve done the record label thing before for the first album “Bassic Evil” and NOW I want to try my hand at doing things myself. I think I’m doing ok so far.

Merch: As of now I FINALLY have brand new t- shirts for The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project. I felt that the Chris Cyanide image has become something I’m confident about printing on a shirt which is the post apocalyptic mutant cowboy spreading his toxic radiation to everything in his path. The t shirts come in 2 different styles which are black with green print which are $15 and white with black print which are $12. I’ll be working on getting a link here on my website in the shop a little later today but you can also inbox me on my social media platforms. I use Paypal and if you know me well enough to have my phone number, I also use Zelle.  I have plans for a new run and style of Cyanide Hats in the works and I’ll have more info on that in the next 2 coming month. I still have plenty of the old style of Cyanide Hats available in stock and you can purchase them the same way directly through me or through the website. The new album “Don’t Look In The Bassment” will be available in CD format and I’ll have them ready for purchase after the release date. As for digital downloads I think I’ll be using Reverbnation and Soundcloud for the time being. I’m also thinking about opening a Bandcamp account as well. We’ll see. I also  want to add that my first album “Bassic Evil” is still available through all digital platforms such as Amazon, Itunes and Spotify as well as physical CD format directly through me or off the website here.

Shows: Let me start by saying something I’ve said before. Chris Cyanide was ALWAYS at his BEST when performing LIVE in front of people at LIVE events. The albums are cool and all BUT they just don’t capture the magic and rawness of The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project live shows. That being said, it absolutely KILLED me to have to resort to all this video and live streaming content. I just didn’t want to be lumped in with all those Youtube guys trying to whip it out and compare sizes with each other. I’m Chris Cyanide! If you want to see loud crazy industrial  bass solo metal with a theatrical gothic/apocalyptic vibe, come check me out. If you want to a see the same guys slap the same recycled jazz riffs then stay home and sit on Youtube if thats your thing. NOW I’m forced to do what I hate which is relying on live steaming and Youtube until a day comes where I can pick up where I left off with playing clubs and venues. The good thing is that I’ve gotten better at live streaming. In the beginning, I had no idea what the hell I was doing which resulted in horrible quality videos. I was forced to get better gear and learn how to use live streaming software. I have gotten better at it which has made me a lot more confident about doing these types of shows but I’m always still learning. One thing I’ve always been good at is rolling with punches, adapting and make the most out of shitty situations. Sometimes you just have to MAKE it happen instead of waiting around in hopes of things getting better or for opportunities to fall into your lap. Smell the blood and attack!!! So yes, back to shows. I’m trying to keep the live steam events to 1 a month. I rehearse all week like I’m rehearsing for a gig and work on sound levels and trying to come up with new ideas, backgrounds and lighting to make them better each time. My next event will be for my album release on 1/24/21. I’ll be playing 7 tracks off of the new album “Don’t Look In The Bassment” and I’ll be joined by some of the Cyanide Crew, Shannon Fatale dancing and Matt operating the DJ mixer. Also as of last night I’ve confirmed as an opening act for the show, both my sister Rakell Vazquez and Barbara Chiavelli performing some cover songs. Not too shabby for just a live stream gig at Cyanide Studio.

Thats all for now. I’ll update you on some more future plans as some things are in very early stages and I’d rather announce it when I have more info on things. I wish you all the best in the coming months. Thank you all who have supported and especially  to all the NEW people that gave this crazy project a chance and and got into it. Makes it all the more worth it to continue so again, THANK YOU!!!         —Cyanide Out.