The Cyanide Blog

Hey whatsup everyone. I’m back here to update The Cyanide Blog for the month of June. I’ve been VERY busy working on multiple music projects and it seems things are slowly getting back to normal regarding shows which I’ll get back to later. First lets touch on whats been going on musically.

Epsilon Eridani: The songs are coming together nicely. In a few weeks we go in to start tracking pre production for the upcoming album. As of now I can tell you the music reminds me of a cross between Judas Priest, Rush and Blind Guardian. Just my opinion but its definitely straight up metal. Watch the Epsilon Eridani Facebook page for all the updates as they come.

The Marcazo Band: I’ve signed on for exclusively 2 shows in the Chris Cyanide character for July 31st and October 24th. We’ll be doing some of the original Marcazo music mixed in with rock, punk and metal cover tunes.  Rehearsals start next week. I’ll have some pics and updates posted to mostly my Facebook profile so watch out for that soon.

Cover Band Stuff: We still have not come up with a name for the band but theres no rush either. as of now we’re doing Dio, Rainbow, and Deep Purple songs. We plan on adding some Judas Priest and have ideas for other stuff as well.  No shows booked just yet as things are still a little slow in opening back up but I suspect I’ll have some announcement to make fairly soon. Stay tuned.

The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project. I’m still working on new songs and working out new ideas for the upcoming E.P. I even have another show coming up in Queens this weekend Saturday June 5th. Its Ozzie Mortanis’s Birthday show and I’ll be performing a mix of originals and cover songs. The party is 80s themed so of course I’ll be doing my rendition of 80s songs. I’ll be joined by dancer/performer Shannon Fatale and we’ll be sharing the stage with a AC DC tribute band. It should be a pretty awesome night and hopefully we’ll get a lot of great pics and videos.

Thats all for now. I think thats quite a bit to keep busy with for the month of June. Thanks for reading and of course for all the continued support. Watch my social media platforms for any new updates,

Cyanide Out