The Cyanide Blog

Hi everyone. Back for a new Cyanide Blog update. It appears all upcoming shows (I had ALOT of them) are cancelled or in limbo due to the current situation. I don’t think I need to go into why but we’re all in the same boat. Its anyone’s guess when we’ll get some semblance of normalcy but I’d be lying if I didn’t say things aren’t looking very dismal. Its amazing how so many things you felt were so important and you worked so hard for are just rendered meaningless in a blink of an eye. Sorry, I’m being such a downer on my own blog but just needed to vent a little.

So what am I doing now? We’ll I’ve decided like many of my artist friends to go the video and live streaming  route. I’ve already pulled off a few shows this way and even did one with friends Anckora and Dark Reverence. You can still watch it here.

I’ll be doing a lot more things like it and will be trying to hone my skills at doing it better. Better computer software, better camera, new lap top, you get the idea. I’m also still working on the new songs for a new album.  I’ve got some absolutely killer bass riffs that are slowly being formatted into songs and I’m just getting into the backing tracks for them. I can tell you that this is going to be a very different album then my first. I wanted to have some vocals on a few songs but that may not happen now. Its all good. Can always try it again in the future.

I’ve also been practicing tons of cover songs. I’ve done a few Facebook Live jams on them which you can go back and check out. Not too happy with the sound quality on them but they are fun to do and I’ll be doing many more of them. I don’t suspect I’ll be playing any of them with a live band any time soon but they’re good for helping me with keeping my chops together for now.

Heres one song I did a while back that I put on youtube. I may upload some more of them in the near future.

Thats it for now. As far as any shows go, I’ll keep you all updated if anything happens to change. I really hope to get back out there very soon. It kind of kills me to have to resort to all this video content. I’ve always wanted my live performances to speak for me. I feel that live shows are where I’m at my strongest! I also miss my Cyanide Crew VERY much! DJ Apophis Rex, Shannon Fatale, Amaris The Fire Vixen, Matt and Barb Chiavelli! Can’t wait to hit the stage with you all again. Hope its sooner then later.

For now, here is one more video for a NEW song I’ve been working on. Its called Undead Nanites. Stay safe everyone!            —Cyanide Out