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Hello everyone! First off I want to wish you all a Happy New Year! It is now officially 2022.  Last year was a good year for me and my musical projects. This year I’m going to do my best to step it up and do even better.  So let’s get right to it!

The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project:  As of right now I have 2 confirmed shows coming up. The first one will be at One Eye Jacks in Bethpage N.Y. on January 29th. We’re playing with Agony Of The Fallen and we’re going on at around 9:30pm. Tickets are $10.00 each and are available here on the official website or through any member of the Cyanide Crew as they’ll be joining me for this event.  DJ Arsenic,  Shannon Fatale and Amaris The Fire Vixen will be with me on stage. Watch my Facebook profile, pages and groups for the ticket links as I’ll be posting it every day.  Second confirmed show is going to be April 6th at Dingbatz in Clifton N.J. I’m playing with Wednesday 13 and going on first at around 6:30pm. This show is on a Wednesday so there’s a good chance I may be playing this show on my own without the rest of the crew. It’s all good as I’m always able to perform by myself regardless.  Tickets for this show are $20.00 each and I’ll be posting the ticket links in my groups for the time being then eventually to my profile and pages as we draw closer to the date of the show. In the meantime I’ve been working on some new riffs and ideas for a 2 new albums that I hope to release later this year.  You’re probably asking why 2 albums. I have 2 distinctly different ideas, one using 6 string bass and the other 8 string bass going in 2 different musical directions. One will be very industrial and have flashier bass playing and the other more laid back, riffier and gothic.  All in all were looking at maybe 20 songs altogether. 

Epsilon Eridani: Recording has already begun for our debut release. All the drums have been tracked along with rhythm guitars and some of the vocals.  Its my turn to go in and lay down the bass tracks and I’ll be doing that very soon. Watch my Facebook profile for the updates of pics and videos of the process. I’m very excited to get this started. 

Sign Of The 4: We’ve finally confirmed our first show for February 19th. We’ll be opening for our friends Kaotica at Ram’s Pub in Holbrook Long Island.  We’re going on at 10pm and do believe there is another band t.b.a. for this show. We had a band meeting and have decided to write some original music in addition to all the cover songs we’ve been rehearsing.  We’ve been jamming on a few ideas and having some fun with it.  We’ve created the Facebook page for the band so we would all appreciate it if you’d all give it a like if you see us post it out or get an invite.  

So that’s it for the month of January.  As always, thank you for the continued support and interest in all things Chris Cyanide.  Hit up the shop section here on the official website for music, t shirts and other merch which of course is also available at all my live shows.           —Cyanide out.

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Chris Cyanide officially launched The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project in July of 2017. Heavy bass driven industrial metal with a touch of shock rock and horror theatrics. This project has performed everything from large festivals, conventions, sharing the stage with many national acts to smaller clubs and even house parties. Chris Cyanide has proven to both fit in with any act and yet be completely unique. Thus far The Chris Cyanide Bass Solo Project has released 2 albums “Bassic Evil” and “Don’t Look In The Bassment” which are available on physical CD as well as all major digital platforms. The Project continues to expand and evolve and is always looking to the future to see whats in store next. Enjoy the ride.

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